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3 Weeks in Greece: A Honeymoon of Epic Proportions

By on June 24, 2017

You have just come home from an amazing holiday; bags are unpacked, fridge fully stocked, back to work and…you start reminiscing about your amazing travel adventure and immediately you start wishing you were back there again.

My husband and I definitely had all the feels when we arrived home from our three weeks spent in Greece on our honeymoon.

Once we arrived home back to real life, we were soon wishing that we were away again, soaking up that amazing warm sunny weather in Greece.

In celebration of our post travel blues, I have put together what was an amazing, incredible, relaxing, spectacular and fun three weeks in one of my most favourite countries in the world, with my absolute favourite person in the world.


We spent the first part of our honeymoon exploring the capital city of Greece, Athens! We spent three days wandering the streets of this ancient city, shopping at Monastiraki Square, eating way too much Greek food, and of course, taking in the most incredible Ancient Greek ruins!

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Oia, Santorini

We got on a 45 minute plane ride and the next minute we had landed onto the most romantic and picturesque island of Santorini, where we would be spending the next five days relaxing in the spectacular and stunning town of Oia!

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Our next stop on our epic Greek honeymoon was to the other side of the mainland to visit some of the Ionian islands! We started on Zakynthos Island and spent a good five days driving around the island in our hire car, taking stunning coastal photos, relaxing and going to the beach!

Guide To: Zakynthos Island, Greece


Our final stop on our honeymoon was relaxing our final Greek Island, Kefalonia! Kefalonia Island is the biggest of the Ionian Islands, and was the perfect island to end our honeymoon! Again we hired a car and drove around the whole island, taking in the sights and stunning coastal views, as well as too much Greek food eating and relaxing on the beach!

Guide To: Kefalonia Island, Greece

What’s the one holiday you’ve been on that you cannot stop thinking about since you’ve arrived home?

Are you too suffering a terrible case of post-travel blues?

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