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7 Natural Wonders – Victoria Falls, Zambia

By on November 26, 2014

Mosi-oa-Tunya – The Smoke That Thunders

Victoria falls is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world. It is also one of the largest waterfalls in the world based on its height (108m) and width (1,708m) creating the largest single sheet of flowing water.

The falls were discovered in 1855 by Scottish explorer and missionary David Livingstone, and named the falls after the reigning queen at the time, Queen Victoria.

What makes it one of the Seven Natural Wonders?

Victoria Falls was declared one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world in 1989 because it is one of the most impressive waterfalls to be found anywhere in the world.


The Victoria Falls borders Zambia and Zimbabwe. Travellers can access the falls from Livingstone, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and the falls are also close to the border of Botswana.

The Victoria Falls are formed by the Zambezi River, serving as its primary water source. As the Zambezi River separates both Zambia and Zimbabwe, the Victoria Falls bridge links the two countries with border posts at each end.

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3 Ways To View The Victoria Falls From Zambia (And Take Some Great Photos!)

I spent five weeks exploring Eastern Africa in 2012 in my final year at university. Three of those five weeks were spent on a tour with Acacia Africa, and Victoria Falls in Zambia was one of our stops!

Visiting Victoria Falls was one of many highlights on my tour in Africa and I literally have no words to explain what I was seeing. It is one of the most beautiful, amazing, wonderful, awe-inspiring natural wonders I have ever come across in my travels and I cannot wait to make a return visit! Visiting the Victoria Falls is an experience in itself and I would highly recommend to any traveller!

1. Mosi-oa-Tunya (Victoria Falls) National Park

Exploring Victoria Falls National park is the absolute best way to get up close and personal with the falls, and in addition, you can learn about the founder of the falls, David Livingstone himself!

P1050881 P1050882

How much does it cost to enter the park?

Entry into Victoria Falls National Park will cost 20 USD and the park is open from 6am-6pm.

How long should I spend in the park?

On our tour we were given approximately 1.5-2hours to walk around and explore the park, get up close and personal with falls and to also capture some amazing photos! In my opinion this was sufficient time to explore!

P1050892 P1050897 P1050901

Will I get wet?

YES!!! I CAN GUARANTEE IT!  I got completely soaked right through walking in the park, the closer to the falls you get, the more wet you get! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND experiencing the falls as close up as you can and getting as wet as you possibly can (the aftermath of my experience is pictured below). It literally feels like you’re in the middle of torrential rain, but it is SO MUCH FUN!


P.S Don’t even bother with the umbrellas, raincoats or ponchos – experience Victoria Falls for how amazing and wonderful it is!

P.P.S Photographer tip: Bring a waterproof camera or something to put over your camera to waterproof it. I had my pink little 10 megapixel Lumix and it took great photos, and to experience the falls I just put it into a ziplock bag to keep it from getting wet!

2. Victoria Falls Bridge

The Victoria Falls bridge crosses the Zambezi River, bordering countries Zambia and Zimbabwe, built over the second gorge of the falls. As I mentioned above, the Victoria Falls bridge also links both Zambia and Zimbabwe with border posts on either side.

To my surprise, I did not realise there was another stunning view of the falls from this bridge! I stumbled upon this view completely unintentional, as I originally came to Victoria Falls Bridge to bungy jump and giant swing off of it! None the less, if you would rather not bungy jump off the bridge, it is very possible to drive near the bridge, and you can stop to take a few photos! Just make sure you don’t cross the border into Zimbabwe, as you will need to show your passport and pay for a temporary visa!

P1060089 P1060082

3. In the air

This is an experience that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! YOU MUST DO THIS!

If you want the absolute best views and the most stunning photos of the Victoria Falls, this is the way to do it! As part of our tour we had two spare days to spend in Livingstone sightseeing, and this experience was on the top of my list!

What flight company did I fly with?

I flew with Batoka Sky; they offer microlight flights and helicopter flights to see the falls. I chose to view the falls from the helicopter!

How much does it cost?

I purchased a 22 min helicopter flight which was approximately $270 USD, plus I ordered the DVD which cost me around $50 USD, which in total cost me approximately just over $300 USD for the experience. These prices are subject to change and availability.

Here are some of the beautiful shots I took from the helicopter:

P1060178 P1060180 P1060146 P1060166 P1060170 P1060158 P1060148

Flight Over Victoria Falls With Batoka Sky

Below is my video of my helicopter flight over the Victoria Falls!

Share your thoughts

1. Photographers: What you think of my Victoria Falls photos? Feel free to share some of your spectacular moments from above!

2. Leave a comment below if you have visited Victoria Falls before and share your experiences! In particular I would love your advice plus photos from Victoria Falls on the Zimbabwe side (would be interested in seeing the falls and the National Park from that side).

  1. Mark G.

    April 10, 2016

    Bec, thanks for sharing your photos and video! We are going on a five week Africa trip from mid-May to mid-June and will be going to Vic Falls at the end. I was wondering when you were there? I have heard that during May-June the mist is heaviest and that it is really pretty to see from above (like in your helicopter ride, which we plan to also do), but it seems like from your video that the falls would be almost completely obscured from “ground level” — for example, when viewing from the Zimbabwe side. Was that the case?


    • Bec

      April 19, 2016

      Hi Mark, I am glad you found this post helpful! In answer to your questions, when you are planning to go to Vic Falls is the exact time that I was there 🙂 I was in Africa from end of May through to mid-June. When I went on the helicopter ride, they took us really close to the Vic falls, like right on the edge from where the water was falling, so I don’t feel the falls were obscured at all, even though there was quite a lot of mist. The view of the falls from the air was the most spectacular and beautiful view I got, and it really shows you how big the falls actually are! From the ground level from the Zambian side (the side that I was on) there was a lot of mist, but there were still plenty of viewing points of the falls 🙂 If you take a walk through the National Park you can definitely find unobstructed viewing points, so you should be fine to get some spectacular views! Another place to look is to walk along the Victoria Falls Bridge (where the bungy is, and the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe) and you get another great view of the falls from that side too 🙂 Hope this all helps!

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