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Bec Xtreme: 4 Reasons To Bungy Jump and Giant Swing Off The Victoria Falls Bridge

By on July 13, 2015

I thought it was about time for another post on the blog about another crazy adventure I have experienced on my travels!

When my tour with Acacia Africa arrived into the town of Livingstone, Zambia, there were an array of extreme activities and fun adventures to experience over the next few days. After my first encounter with a beautiful African elephant, and flying over the famous Victoria Falls, I had time for one more once in a lifetime experience to which I surprisingly decided to bungy jump and giant swing for a second time! What was I thinking?!

but after seeing this as the backdrop, I was easily reassured that I made the right decision to jump again…


4 Reasons to Bungy Jump from Victoria Falls bridge

1. The Victoria Falls Bridge is a stunner!


2. The Victoria Falls Bridge is the perfect spot to capture another view of the Victoria Falls!


3. The Victoria Falls bridge borders two African countries!

On one side of the bridge is Zambia, and on the other side is Zimbabwe!

P1060114 P1060104

4. It is SO much FUN!

Whether you are a bungy jumper or a giant swinger (or both!) it is SO much fun and an experience you’ll never forget! If you are one of those adrenalin junkies who thrives on extreme sports and adventures, this is definitely something for you!


The staff at the Victoria Falls Bridge are without a doubt, some of the funniest and most encouraging professionals I have ever met! Along with their witty sense of humour, they are very well trained to ensure you are safe before and after the jump, and they take some epic photos and videos which is a great way to remember the experience of a lifetime!!

Victoria Falls Bridge Bungy

So how much?

To bungy jump off the Victoria Falls Bridge will cost you a grand total of $160 USD.

Want more information?

1. Visit the Victoria Falls Bungy Website here

2. Visit the Victoria Falls Bungy Facebook Page here

Victoria Falls Bridge Swing

So how much?

The Victoria Falls Bridge Swing it will cost you $160 USD solo or $240 tandem.

Want more information?

Visit the Victoria Falls Bridge Swing website here


Big Air Experience




If you are a true adrenalin junkie, and cannot decide between the bungy and the swing, and wouldn’t mind saving a few dollars, then you can sign up for the Big Air Experience which includes both the bungy and the swing. The Big Air Experience also includes the Bridge Slide, which is exactly like a flying fox!

So how much?

The Big Air Experience will cost you $210 USD in total, saving over $140 USD on your experiences! Such a great deal and I highly recommend it for those of you who thrive on adrenalin and extreme sports! I purchased this package, but while I was there a special was on and it only cost me about $110 USD and it was so worth it! I highly recommend this package as it is great value for money!

Want more information?

Visit the Big Air Experience website here

Photos and DVD


If you would like a lasting memory of your jumps from the Victoria Falls, it will cost you a grand total of $45 USD for both the photos AND the DVD. If you would just like to purchase the photos, they are $15 USD each.

I highly recommend to buy both! Here are my bungy jump and swing videos!

Bungy Jump

Giant Swing

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Share Your Thoughts

Have you bungy jumped before? Have you bungy jumped off the Victoria Falls Bridge? Share your experiences!


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  1. Lindsay @ Frugal Frolicker

    July 13, 2015

    Holy wow, you daredevil you! 😛 I’m way too wussy to bungy, even in the world’s most scenic spots, but I’d consider having a go at the swing. I can’t get over how cheap it is where you did it!

    • Bec

      July 14, 2015

      It is TOTALLY worth it! It was so much fun! Yeah, seriously it was SO cheap. I did a bungy in New Zealand five years ago and paid WAY more and I got pretty crappy photos. This one in Zambia was cheaper, fun, had great deals AND their photos and videos were way better. I think the bungy in New Zealand has changed quite a lot since I was there, so maybe they have stepped it up, but this one was a great experience! Even if you just do the swing it is fun, and the advantage with the swing is you can do it tandem so you won’t have to do it alone!

  2. Claire Ryan

    July 18, 2015

    This looks like so much fun! I really want to bungee jump now.

    • Bec

      July 18, 2015

      Well, I’m glad this post has inspired you! I hope you do get to bungy jump and cross it off your bucketlist!

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