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Bec Xtreme: Canyon Swing, Queenstown, New Zealand

By on January 9, 2015

A New Zealand adventure!

In 2010, I set off on a South Island of New Zealand adventure with my best friend!

We booked a tour with Contiki Tours and for one week we explored the natural beauty, scenery and culture of New Zealand’s South Island!

This was an adventure of firsts: First time visiting and exploring the South Island of New Zealand, first time travelling with my best friend and also the very first time I did anything extreme on any overseas trip!!!


On our South Island Contiki Tour we stopped into the city of Queenstown for two nights. Queenstown is a resort town in Otago in the South West of New Zealand’s South Island. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations around the world, especially for Australian travellers.


Queenstown is the main hub of anything mountain, snow, ski or snowboard related and for Australians, New Zealand is a neighbouring country only a three-hour flight away (for those living on the East Coast of Australia).

Some Australians say skiing or snowboarding in Queenstown can prove quite cost effective in comparison with skiing in Australia and there is also better snow. In addition, the views of the mountains such as The Remarkables, Cecil Peak and Walter Peak and the surrounding lakes are just spectacular! What more could you want?


Well, Winter may be the main hub for the ski season but it is also just as busy during the Summer months. When my best friend and I were travelling through New Zealand we were lucky enough to be there in the Summer and we had a blast!

Queenstown is also a popular destination in New Zealand for their EXTREME ADVENTURE SPORTS!

Yes! Queenstown is the adventure capital of the South Island, and we decided to encourage our sense of adventure and adrenalin by taking on Queenstown’s Shotover Canyon Swing!

Shotover Canyon Swing


Why is it called the Shotover Canyon Swing?

The Shotover Canyon Swing got its name from the location, the Shotover River and it is The World’s Highest Cliff Jump!

7 Fun facts about the Shotover Canyon Swing

1. 109 metres high

2. 60 metres freefall

3. 200 metre arc

4. Can be done SOLO or TANDEM

5. When you jump you can choose from over 70+ jump styles! Each jump style is rated by degree of difficulty so you can choose a jump style which suits you! How amazing is that?!

6. On the way to the Shotover Canyon Swing my friend and I discovered probably the longest name for a mountain ever!

P1010527 P1010528

7. When you pay for one jump on the Shotover Canyon Swing, you can jump again at a discounted price!

Insider tip: If you are particularly adventurous and spontaneous you can also do the jump completely in the nude and it will be FREE! We witnessed one British man who decided to jump completely naked! (I closed my eyes!)

I decided to jump twice

Pre-jump photos

Shout out to my travel companion Tal who took all my pre-jump Shotover Canyon Swing photos!

P1010503 P1010496 P1010504 P1010506 P1010510 P1010507 P1010525

Jump 1 – Forwards


Here is my “Forwards” jump video! You can also view this on my YouTube Channel!


One of the amazing added extras with your jumps is you can purchase some cool photos plus some multi-shots!

01 - My First Canyon Swing - Multi-shot Swing 02 - Photo 24 Swing 02 - Photo 27

Jump 2 – The Chair of Death



02 - My Second Canyon Swing - Multi-shot Swing 07 - Photo 22 Swing 07 - Photo 23

An Xtreme experience!

Bec Xtreme is going to be a regular feature on “The World As Bec Sees It”, and I cannot wait to share more of my other Xtreme adventures with you!

The Shotover Canyon Swing was one of my first Xtreme experiences and it was so much fun! The staff at the Shotover Canyon Swing are some of the most awesome (and might I say humorous) bunch of professionals! I highly recommend that if you ever find yourself in Queenstown that you try the World’s Highest Cliff Jump! I would not hesitate to jump again!

Want more information?

If you would like more information about the Shotover Canyon Swing such as other jump styles, prices and media purchases, please visit the Shotover Canyon Swing website!

Here is the link:

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