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Bec Xtreme: Nevis Bungy, Queenstown, New Zealand

By on March 5, 2015

You would think that our two jumps at the Shotover Canyon Swing in Queenstown, the adventure capital of New Zealand’s South Island would be enough adrenalin for one trip…

read about my Canyon Swing experience

Swing 02 - Photo 27


When in Queenstown…

Go for more adrenalin and more adventure by attempting the HIGHEST BUNGY IN NEW ZEALAND!


We thought it was a good idea. Go hard or Go home.

I know what you’re probably thinking…


but not to worry…don’t freak out, just keep reading!

Why is it called the Nevis Bungy?

Well, as you can see from the photo above, there is a huge mountain, called the Ben Nevis, from which the bungy got its name! It is also located on the Nevis River which you can see in the photo below!



10 fun facts about the Nevis Bungy

1. It is 134m high.

2. It is the highest bungy in all of New Zealand!

3. 8.5 seconds of freefall

4. Located 45 minutes from Queenstown

5. Located on private property which can only be accessed exclusively by their 4×4 buses. The trip to the Nevis bungy is a spectacular experience in itself!

6. If you jump you receive a FREE bungy t-shirt

7. If you jump you also receive a FREE certificate to prove it! Here is my bungy certificate below:


8. You can only do this bungy SOLO, no tandem allowed on this one!

9. You have to take a cable car across to the middle of a gorge to jump! Check it out!


10. Extremely safe! If you are worried, check out this link about AJ Hackett’s safety procedures

Pre-jump photos

My best friend and I decided that if we were to only bungy jump once in our lives, it had to be the biggest one. As I wrote above, it was GO Hard or GO Home. After booking the bungy, getting ready to go, we started to freak out a little! What have we just got oursleves into?!!

Once we got to the bungy jump location, saw the view, and realised you only live once, all of those fears subsided and we had a fantastic jump!

P1010568AJHB_AJHN_2010_02_09_C1085_8461 P1010579

My epic jump from the Highest Bungy in NZ!

There needn’t be any words for this, the photos are self explanatory of how epic the jump was!

P1010580 AJHB_AJHN_2010_02_09_C2085_8462 AJHB_AJHN_2010_02_09_C2085_8465 AJHB_AJHN_2010_02_09_C2085_8468 P1010581 AJHB_AJHN_2010_02_09_C4085_8464AJHB_AJHN_2010_02_09_C4085_8467

Nevis Bungy tip: There is a lever that you have to pull (on your bungy) to make yourself sit up instead of coming back up to the top upside down, make sure you pull it HARD! I tried to pull it but couldn’t get it to go, so I came back up to the top upside down, and the next day or so had blood rushing quickly to my head if I bent over! Lesson learnt!

Nevis Bungy Video

There are many ways to prove that you jumped! You can purchase photos, postcards to send home or you can buy your very own bungy video! Take a look at my jump!

An Xtreme Experience!

Yet again, the Nevis Bungy was another amazing and adrenalin-filled experience that I would highly recommend for anyone to do! Yes, it can be a little scary at first but it is so WORTH IT and so much FUN!


Want more information about the Nevis Bungy?

1.Visit the official AJ Hackett Website

2. Check out some of the jumps on their Official Youtube Channel

3. You can also find them on Facebook under AJ Hackett Bungy NZ

5 other Xtreme activities with AJ Hackett Bungy

If you feel that 134m might be quite high for a bungy but you’re still keen to jump, why not try these other options in Queenstown and Auckland (the North Island):

1. The Nevis Swing: The world’s biggest swing, can be done TANDEM

2. Kawarau Bridge Bungy: 43m high and can do a water touch jump!

3. The Ledge Bungy: You can try various different jump twists and tricks off this one!

4. The Ledge Swing: This can be done TANDEM

5. The Auckland Bridge Bungy 

Share your thoughts

Have you ever been bungy jumping before? Where did you jump and how high was it? Share your experience!


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