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Top Destinations: New Orleans Part 1 – 3 Reasons To Book A Swamp Tour In New Orleans!

By on February 7, 2015

I first visited New Orleans last year on my 10-week USA trip with one of my best friends, and I did not want to leave! With only one full day to explore New Orleans, that was just enough for me to fall in love with the place!


Before arriving into the city of New Orleans, our tour made a quick pit stop to Jean Lafitte Swamp Tours for our very own swamp tour along the bayou! New Orleans is the perfect destination for swamp tours as the city is surrounded by swampland, attracting not only natural beauty, but amazing plant and animal life. Swamp tours in New Orleans are a very popular tourist attraction and experience!


3 Reasons Why You Should Book A New Orleans Swamp Tour


1. Natural beauty and scenery

The scenery along the bayou on our swamp tour was just beautiful! Take a look!

IMG_4847 IMG_4852 IMG_4824IMG_4842IMG_4870IMG_4907IMG_4918IMG_4947IMG_4948

2. Wildlife

Swamp tours in New Orleans are famous for attracting many species of wildlife.

Here are a few we saw on our swamp tour:

Wild Pigs

IMG_4837 IMG_4834


IMG_4891 IMG_4904

Alligators (my favourite)

The alligators are literally the main attraction on the swamp tour! Growing up in Australia, I had only ever seen crocodiles so seeing an alligator for the first time was pretty exciting!


The difference between crocodiles and alligators:

Crocodiles are largely found in Australia in saltwater, and alligators are found off the south-east of the United States usually in freshwater. In appearance, alligators have wide U-shape snouts and crocodiles have longer, pointy snouts!

IMG_4858 IMG_4866 IMG_4864 IMG_4873IMG_4911

3. Wildlife encounters

Towards the end of our swamp tour along the bayou, we had the opportunity to hold a baby alligator!


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