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Captivating Castles: 5 Reasons To Visit Edinburgh Castle In Scotland

By on April 3, 2015

So, in my last two posts I have covered two pretty awesome castles:

1. Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany


2. Caernarfon Castle, Gwynedd, Wales


Now it’s time for number three!

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland


Edinburgh Castle is a National Monument and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Scotland. In 2014, the castle attracted well over 750,000 visitors from all over the world! Here are 5 Fun Facts about the castle:

5 Fun Facts about Edinburgh Castle


1. Edinburgh Castle plays host to the very famous and widely recognised event of the Edinburgh Mlitary Tattoo. The parade takes place every August in front of the castle on the grand esplanade at nighttime. The event is attended by thousands and televised around the world. The parade in the Military Tattoo features traditional Scottish kilts, and Scottish songs are played on hundreds of bag pips and drums, followed by performances and fireworks.

2. Edinburgh Castle was used as a Royal Residence, an army garrison and in the 18th and early 19th centuries it was used as a prison, particularly during the Seven Years War, the American War of Independence, the Napoleonic Wars and also World War I.

3. Edinburgh Castle was built from the 12th-18th century constructed in memory of Queen Margaret.

4. During the 12th century, the ownership of Edinburgh Castle switched from Scotland to England, and then back to Scotland again.

5. Edinburgh Castle is built upon the massive castle rock, part of an ancient extinct volcano.


5 Highlights of Edinburgh Castle

1. The 1 o’clock Cannon

The 1 o’clock cannon is an enormous medieval super gun, which was made around 1449. Since 1861, each day of the week (except Sundays) at 1pm, that super gun has been fired as a time signal for ships. The gun has been fired by Tam the Gun, and since his death in 2005, the gun has been fired by Shannon the cannon.


This is one of my favourite parts of Edinburgh Castle, and it is well worth it to see the super gun go off! Plus, the person firing the gun is dressed in traditional Scottish attire. Here is a short video I took:

2. The Horse and carriage Footpath

The horse and carriage footpath (pictured below) was built by the French Prisoners so that horses and carriages could make their way up the steep path to the top of the castle. IMG_7444

3. St Margaret’s Chapel

St Margaret’s Chapel, named after Queen Margaret, was built in about 1130 by David I as a place of worship for the royal family. The chapel is one of the oldest surviving buildings in Edinburgh and it is definitely one of the smallest chapels I have ever seen on my travels! The chapel is used today for christenings and weddings.

IMG_7437 IMG_7435 IMG_7434 IMG_7436

4. The Crown Jewels

The crown jewels are a very popular attraction at Edinburgh Castle; they are so popular that you have to line up (and wait) to be able to see them! It is definitely well worth seeing, but unfortunately, you are not allowed to take any photographs!

5. Views of Edinburgh from the top

As Edinburgh Castle was built up the top of a massive hill, you can capture stunning views of Edinburgh from the top!

IMG_7397 IMG_7403 IMG_7399 IMG_7402 IMG_7400 IMG_7417 IMG_7441 IMG_7449 IMG_7450 IMG_7451

Edinburgh Castle is stunning!

Here are a few photos from inside the castle:

IMG_7393 IMG_7405 IMG_7394 IMG_7410 IMG_7411IMG_7424 IMG_7447

Tips for Edinburgh Castle

1. Go on a guided tour: The moment we arrived into Edinburgh Castle, a guided tour was about to begin so my parents and I decided to tag along. The guided tours are FREE, and your guided will show you around the castle and share with you some fun facts and information!


2. Just be a tourist and get your photo taken like a Scottish Guard: This was just something to do for fun!


Want more information?

1. Visit the Official Edinburgh Castle website

2. LIKE the Edinburgh Castle Facebook Page

3. Visit the Military Tattoo Website for more details if you are interested in attending!

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  1. Maaike -

    July 14, 2015

    Great photos! I couldn’t go in last time, so it’s great to see it here in your pictures. Thanks for sharing!

    • Bec

      July 14, 2015

      Thanks so much for reading my post! I’m glad you liked it! It’s definitely worth the visit!

  2. Karl

    September 27, 2016

    What a great post. I visited Edinburgh Castle recently but my photos aren’t as good as yours. Some great pics you have. Makes me want to go back again. I love all the history about the castle as well. Some great stories around, I saw another good article today about this on a different blog :

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Bec

      October 3, 2016

      Thanks so much Karl! I’m glad you liked my post! Edinburgh Castle was very beautiful, lovely views over the city as well! I think my favourite part of the castle was the small wedding chapel, never seen a chapel so tiny, but gorgeous stained glass windows!

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