Captivating Castles

Captivating Castles of Instagram!

By on April 27, 2015

I love castles!

Castle: A large building, typically of the medieval period, fortified against attack with thick walls, battlements, towers, and often a moat.

Castles are some of the most beautiful pieces of architecture I have ever seen, and they are surely not to be missed when you are travelling the world!

So to celebrate my love of castles, I wrote three articles about my favourite castles I had visited on my travels, including:

1. Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany


2. Caernarfon Castle, Wales


3. Edinburgh Castle, Scotland


My Very First Instagram Challenge

So a few weeks ago, I started my very first Instagram challenge, where you had to TAG your castle photos with the hashtag #captivatingcastles and LIKE my Facebook Page “The World As Bec Sees It”

Many of you got tagging and hashtagging your best castle photos and I want to thank every one of you who got involved in the challenge! Thank you so much for sharing a beautiful part of your travels with me!

So without further ado, here are the #captivatingcastles of Instagram:

Captivating Castles of Instagram

Prague Castle, Prague, Czech Republic

Windsor Castle, UK

Castillo Monumento Colomares, Spain

Schloss Drachenburg, Germany

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Here is one of my latest castle photos:


Thanks to everyone who tagged their castle photos and participated in the challenge! Stay tuned for the next Instagram challenge!

  1. ashleawheeler

    April 27, 2015

    A castle obsession is a good obsession to have! Loving all these sweet castle pics, looks like Prague is the favourite 😀 Thanks for featuring my photos, Bec!

    • Bec

      April 27, 2015

      Prague Castle was definitely the favourite in the Instagram challenge! Your welcome Ashlea, my favourite photo was the one with the stone brick patterns! Very interesting to learn about, and I love that it was a different perspective of the castle! 🙂

  2. Olga

    April 27, 2015

    Thank you for featuring me! 🙂
    I’m a castle-addict too, by the way, cant wait to see that famous castles in Germany (I just moved here last week ;))

    • Bec

      April 27, 2015

      You’re welcome 🙂 Apparently Germany has quite a few beautiful castles, so I can’t wait to see the photos from your explorations and adventures!

  3. Alexandria

    April 28, 2015

    I think so far my favorite castles have been Heidelberg Castle and Eltz Castle, both in Germany. They were both so breathtaking!

    • Bec

      May 6, 2015

      I have heard Germany is definitely high up there on the country with some of the most beautiful castles! I can’t wait to go back and see those castles you mentioned! I just researched them on google and they look so amazing! 🙂

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