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25 Things You MUST Do Before You Turn 25

By on December 2, 2015

After recently turning 25, I started to reflect on my first 25 years of life and realised how much I have accomplished, grown in myself, and also how much I have travelled! I believe your early twenties is the prime time for anyone to travel the world; you are…


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5 Ways To SAVE MONEY on Accommodation When Travelling Solo

By on January 14, 2015

When you are travelling on your own, we all know finding and booking places to stay can become quite expensive. Here are 5 top tips to save money on accommodation while travelling solo! (which I have used on my travels!).
1. Go on tours
I went on a total of four…


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4 Ways To SAVE MONEY on Food When Travelling Solo

By on December 3, 2014

1. Included Breakfasts (and a possible free lunch)
– Make sure you book accommodation that includes a free breakfast (one less meal to pay for)

– Sometimes travellers (and myself included) will often fill themselves up with a big breakfast, and then stay full until dinner time.
How can you score free…

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