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The Journey To Jungfrau | The Top of Europe

By on November 10, 2014

The Railway Journey To The Top Of Europe

Jungfrau is one of the most visited places in the Alps, and to be able to travel to the top of it is what makes this a definite highlight of any holiday in Switzerland. Declared as a World Heritage Site in 2001, the Jungfrau mountain also houses the highest railway in all of Europe, located at 3,454 metres above sea level!


From the small, quaint and picturesque Swiss town of Lauterbrunnen, the journey to the Jungfrau mountain takes approximately two hours each way on the Jungfraubahn which is an experience in itself as you are “surrounded by a wonderland of ice, snow and rock”, quoted from the Jungfrau Website.


Jungfrau | The Top of Europe

Once you disembark onto the highest railway station in all of Europe, you can follow the path and head straight out to see the majestic, jaw-dropping and insanely beautiful scenery that is Jungfrau. Let me just say the two hour train journey was totally worth it for photos like these!

IMG_2657 IMG_2662 IMG_2645 IMG_2610 IMG_2620 IMG_2621

The Perfect Jungfrau Photo

How beautiful is the Jungfrau mountain?! This was the very first time that I had experienced real snow, and snow on top of a mountain! As an Australian, we get next to NO SNOW ever, even during Winter and for myself and many others who came on the journey with me, it was a very memorable travel moment!

Naturally, I wanted to find a way to perfectly capture this moment, so I decided to jump (or rather awkwardly climb) over the fence (more like a rope barrier) to the top of a small mount of snow (which might I add was VERY SLIPPERY!) to get this perfect photo:


Jumping (awkwardly climbing) over the fence!

Let’s just say that if I was to have slipped or fallen from where I am standing in this photo I would have plummeted to my death! I am actually standing on the edge of Jungfrau! An incredible moment and the awkward slipping and carefully climbing was totally worth it!

IMG_2644 IMG_2643

3 Cool Things To Do Besides Marvelling At The Majestic Jungfrau Mountain

1. Explore the Ice Castle

The Ice Castle at the Top Of Europe was so much fun to explore! The rooms and walkways, and the many intricate sculptures are all made out of ice!

2. Another Jungfrau Viewing Point

On the other side of the Jungfrau mountain, you can also walk outside and take a few photos!


3. Jungfrau Top of Europe Passport

Another added bonus of visiting Jungfrau is when you make it to the top you can collect your very own Jungfrau Railways Passport and get a stamp at the Top of Europe!


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  1. Molly @ Molly On the Move

    January 8, 2015

    Wow, what a view! Don’t know if I would’ve been brave enough to go all the way to the edge, but it sure makes for a great shot 😉

  2. Bec

    January 8, 2015

    Thanks Molly! It was pretty slippery, I was literally crawling on my hands and knees so close to the ground so I didn’t slip right off the edge! I was determined not to have those rope fences in the way of my shot! haha. I just checked out your blog (and followed you on Bloglovin!). I like your post about the punting in Cambridge; truth be told the girl I was staying with in London had a friend graduating from Cambridge and punting is exactly what we did 😀

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