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Sydney Day Trips: Kangaroo Valley, NSW

By on January 22, 2019

Approximately 2 hours south of Sydney by car, you will find the most gorgeous and spectacular area of Kangaroo Valley.

Kangaroo Valley, situated in the Shoalhaven region of NSW, is one of Australia’s most beautiful valleys, offering visitors a wide range of spectacular scenery and outdoor activities, including kayaking, canoeing, golf and wine tasting!

I had been wanting to visit Kangaroo Valley for quite some time and so after doing some research into the area, my husband and I used the Winter school holidays to escape the hustle and bustle of Sydney to go exploring!

Here are a few sights and attractions within the Kangaroo Valley area to do so you can plan your next trip!

Fitzroy Falls

Our first stop on our trip down south on the way to Kangaroo Valley was the beautiful Fitzroy Falls. Walking up to this magnificent waterfall and casting our eyes across those incredible mountain views I was astonished that this beauty was situated only 2 hours from Sydney! Why had I not visited here before?!

The walk to Fitzroy Falls only takes 3 minutes! It is very easily accessible for all visitors to walk around and take in the scenery. If you walk a little further along you will come to a side view of the falls and the rock face itself which is even better than the first view we saw!

TIP: It will cost $4 for your parking ticket at Fitzroy Falls for a full day visit (which is a pretty good price!). If you only want to stay for a few hours, you can just put $2 into the machine as well.

Manning Lookout

About a 10-minute drive from Fitzroy Falls, we drove to Manning Lookout. Actually, the only reason I even stumbled upon this particular lookout was because I was searching for beautiful lookouts using Google Maps and this one popped up!

After seeing the views on Google, I was determined that I would fit this into our day trip itinerary to Kangaroo Valley, and the views certainly did not disappoint! (as you can see above)

To actually get to the lookout, you have to drive along this unsealed road; we had to drive under 20km/h just to be safe! There is no designated parking area near the lookout, just pull your car over to the side! It takes under 3 minutes to walk to the view, and what was even better was there were no other people around! A whole gorgeous view all to ourselves. I thought that was pretty special!

Hampden Bridge

From Manning Lookout, we drove a further 15 minutes and reached Kangaroo Valley. One of the popular sights of the town is definitely Hampden Bridge. As the daughter of a father who is an engineer, bridges are life so I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this castle-like bridge. I admit, I waited for all the cars to go past, then walked out on the road to get this pretty shot! Totally worth it!

Bendeela Camping and Picnic Area

One my highlights of our little day trip to Kangaroo Valley was our visit to Bendeela Camping Ground! After searching Kangaroo Valley on Instagram, and seeing that it was highly possible to see wild wombats and kangaroos in Kangaroo Valley at this particular camping ground, I was sold!

We decided to drive to Bendeela Camping Ground (around 10 minutes from Hampden Bridge) and stop for lunch in the hopes of spotting some wild kangaroos and wombats! Unfortunately, we didn’t see any kangaroos on our visit, but we were overwhelmed by the cuteness of wild wombats at the camping ground from the moment we arrived! They were everywhere! We even sighted a beautiful mum and her baby eating the fresh green grass! What a sight to see!

Even as an Australian (and I’m sure many other Aussies would agree!), it is STILL super exciting to see any kind of Australia native wildlife in their natural habitat (and for FREE too! haha). This was only the second time I had ever seen wombats in the wild; the first was at night on the road while I was driving home from university, and this time around, it’s safe to say that I was completely mesmerised by the sight of wild wombats (as you can see from my #wombatselfie).

I encourage you that if you ever visit Kangaroo Valley to make a pit stop at Bendeela Camping Ground to see the roos and the wombats. The camping ground is open to the public and free, plus who wouldn’t want lay eyes on these cuties?

Want more information?

We only had a very short visit to Kangaroo Valley so we unfortunately couldn’t fit everything in, but there is still plenty more to see. On my next visit to Kangaroo Valley, I will definitely be considering staying overnight in this beautiful part of NSW.

So, when’s your next trip?

Hopefully (fingers crossed!) I have inspired you to explore this amazing part of NSW, only a 2 hour drive from Sydney! Kangaroo Valley was the perfect day trip, and it’s definitely one of those places that you continue to return to!

Have you ever been to Kangaroo Valley before? What did you see and do there?