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Top 5 Cafés You MUST Visit in Vienna

By on October 28, 2015

One of the most popular things to do in Vienna is to try out the many beautiful coffee houses and cafés! I was lucky enough to be travelling with my fellow blogger friend Emma from who is a major foodie and loves to try out cute and eclectic cafés around the world. I hope you’ll be inspired by these 5 that we visited in Vienna!

Café Central


Café Central is one of the most popular cafés in Vienna. From the moment you walk inside, you feel like you have entered into another era. The building itself is stunning from the outside and the décor and furniture on the inside are very well suited. In addition, there are an array of delicious delights to choose from!

Café Sperl


Café Sperl is another traditional Viennese café dating back to the 1800s which is definitely worth a visit in Vienna! Whether you are stopping by for lunch or swinging by the café in the evening to play the billiard tables, there is something for everyone! I highly recommend trying the baked camembert, it tasted delicious!



This was one of my favourite cafés we visited in Vienna. Located directly across the road from the Vienna State Opera House (Wien Staatsoper), Gerstner is one of the cutest looking cafés in Vienna! There are sweet delights to purchase from the moment you walk inside, followed by an enchanted black spiral staircase leading upstairs to a relaxed café atmosphere. Having a glass of dessert wine accompanied by a scrumptious piece of sweet cake will definitely get your taste buds screaming for more!!

Landtmann’s Jausen Station (near Schloss Schönbrunn)


After spending the day exploring Schönbrunn Palace and the surrounds, Emma started making our way home and were stopped in our tracks by some beautiful music, and a sign inviting us to walk down the path. Upon arrival at the end of the path sat this beautiful, secluded and quite hidden café called Landtmann’s Jansen Station. The bright and inviting atmosphere along with very colourful chairs and tables with a spectacular view was just begging us to stay! Make sure at this café or any other in Vienna you try something called Kaiserschmarrn, which is chopped up pancakes with sultanas and plum sauce, a very traditional and popular meal in Vienna!

Landtmann’s Jausen Station is open 1st April through to 31st October and totally worth the visit if you would like to escape the tourist crowds and are looking for a peaceful afternoon.

Café Demel


On our last and final morning in Vienna we stopped in the city center at Café Demel. Café Demel was recommended to me by a fellow travel blogger and we thought, why not? Walking inside the café you may find it is quite small, but make sure you continue to walk right through so you can see how pastries and delicious delights are handcrafted in the kitchen. Then, take the stairs to the next level where you can enjoy peace, quiet, a slice of cake or, a macaron sandwich just like this one. It was to die for!

Are there any other cafés in Vienna that you have visited and would highly recommend? Leave a comment below!