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Top Destinations: New Orleans Part 3 – The Main Reason You’ll Fall In Love With New Orleans

By on February 12, 2015

One of the main reasons you’ll fall in love with New Orleans is:


The music and nightlife scene in New Orleans attracts thousands of musicians, artists and tourists from all over the world showcasing an intertwining of European, Latin America and African cultures. It was from this unique blend that a new style of music was born, which is known today as jazz! New Orleans still remains today as one of the most popular US cities for amazing jazz, blues and big band music!


4 Reasons Why I Love the New Orleans Music Scene

1. New Orleans plays my favourite genre of music, which is jazz, blues, big band, swing and everything in between.

2. New Orleans has music everywhere! You cannot escape it! As a musician who has been playing piano for over 15 years, a place where music is played everywhere throughout the city is my kind of place! If you are a passionate musician or you love music, a week spent in New Orleans being exposed to and exploring the music scene is highly recommended!

3. I LOVE live music

4. The musicians: They are skilled, authentic, passionate and well-trained professionals who have been playing for many years.

Frenchman Street – Live Music Central

Frenchman Street is the street you want for LIVE MUSIC ALL THE TIME! I highly recommend Frenchman Street if you would like the ultimate New Orleans music scene experience! Over two big nights, my tour group and myself bar hopped around Frenchman Street to check it out! We all had a blast and it was one of the most memorable and fun nights of the tour!


Many of the musicians in New Orleans have been playing at the same bar and at the same timeslot for many years, yet they are still passionate about what they do!

In some bars you have musicians that play their own songs, but most bars have bands that cover many of our favourite modern songs but with a jazz and blues twist. They were all really impressive and played some classic songs both old and new!

The Maison bar (featured in the video below) for example, regularly changes the bands showcasing a wide variety of talent! This band in particular played a classic! See if you can guess the song!

Street Performers and Buskers

Maybe you are not the late-night party type, and you prefer to explore during the day. Well, there is no shortage of musicians and great music! Throughout town there are many street performers and buskers just “doin’ their thing!!” They were amazing to watch.

IMG_5072 IMG_5069IMG_5074

New Orleans Favourites

Street performer/Busker


During the day, my tour friends and I went to the famous Café du Monde to try their famous French Doughnuts called Beignets which are the best pastries you will ever eat! Little did I know that right outside the café was an amazing man on the saxophone playing (and serenading!) the customers with some classics! See if you can guess the song!

Favourite Band


Our awesome tour guide took us out on the town in New Orleans to The Blue Nile bar where I saw the most amazingly talented band! This band was made up of 18 members with 95% playing brass instruments! Check it out!

I hope you have been inspired!

Two nights in New Orleans was definitely not enough! Next time I return to New Orleans I would love to spend a week there checking out more bands and music genres of the city, sampling more food at the amazing cafés and spending time soaking in the amazing atmosphere! I hope I have inspired you to put New Orleans as a top destination on your next USA trip!


Share your thoughts!

Have you been to New Orleans before? What was your music experience?

  1. Valerie Coffey

    March 3, 2015

    Omg, so funny have your post is so much like my recent post on Facebook (www.facebook/ I posted many pictures I took of the musicians I saw. They were everywhere and it was just overwhelmingly wonderful. I think it had a lot to do with why I fell in love with New Orleans. I believe I took pictures of some of the same guys. Definitely the guy in front of Cafe Du Monde. The sax player? Same guy was there last week! Hahaha. For me, what’s even better is that I got to actually sing on stage with a classic rock band that invited me up. I’m just a karaoke hack so I couldn’t believe it when they invited me back the next night! I posted video.

    • Bec

      March 4, 2015

      I went to your instagram photos and I found your photo of the EXACT SAME SAX PLAYER! I couldn’t believe it! He must have aregular gig there, he was just phenomenal! He played a rendition of “Somewhere over the rainbow” and it was just beautiful! I stayed listening for a while and gave him a tip. Café du Monde was a great place as well, my friends and I stuffed our faces with those French beignets 😛 By the way it’s so cool you got to sing with one of the bands, I watched your video and you have quite a good voice! I was way too scared to get up on stage and sing in the karaoke bar! So lovely to connect with you 🙂 Look forward to following along with your USA road trip!

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