The World As Bec Sees It

The World As Bec Sees It

Step-by-Step Guide to Planning an Epic Honeymoon

Congratulations on your engagement! As you dream about the dress, flowers, and other wedding details, don’t forget one of the most exciting parts: your honeymoon. After traveling to over 35 countries (with my future husband having visited over 40!), planning our honeymoon was a thrilling adventure. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you plan an epic honeymoon.

Step 1: Secure Your Wedding Date First

Before diving into honeymoon plans, make sure to secure your wedding date. This ensures you know exactly when you can travel. Many couples book their honeymoon in the excitement of engagement only to struggle with wedding date conflicts. Having your wedding date set allows you to plan your honeymoon without timing issues.

Step 2: Spend a Few Days Together After the Wedding

After your wedding, take a couple of days to relax and enjoy each other’s company before embarking on your honeymoon. Avoid the stress of rushing to the airport the day after your wedding. Spend a couple of nights in a local hotel or at home to unwind and savor the beginning of your married life.

What We Did: We spent two nights at the luxurious Shangri-La Hotel in Sydney, enjoying a Premier Grand Harbour view room with stunning views of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Afterward, we spent a night at home to finish packing and prepare for our honeymoon.

Step 3: Get Out Your World Map and Discuss

If you’re unsure where to go, start with a world map or a Google search for “honeymoon destinations.” List the places you’d love to visit without worrying about costs just yet. This is your honeymoon, a once-in-a-lifetime trip, so dream big!

What We Did: We knew we wanted to visit Greece. If you already have a destination in mind, you can skip this step and move on.

Step 4: Narrow Down Your List to Your Top 3

Once you have a list of potential destinations, narrow it down to your top three and then pick one. Choose a place that excites both of you. Whether you decide to splurge on a luxurious stay or opt for a budget-friendly adventure, make sure it’s somewhere you both want to go.

What We Did: We chose Greece, specifically Santorini, and found a perfect cave house on Airbnb with a private terrace and jacuzzi, balancing splurge with budget-friendly accommodations for the rest of the trip.

Step 5: Decide How Long You Want to Be Away

Discuss with your partner the ideal length of your honeymoon. A week may feel too short, so consider ten days to two weeks for ample time to relax and enjoy. The duration depends on personal preferences and work constraints.

What We Did: We planned a three-week honeymoon, balancing our time off from casual jobs and ensuring we had enough time to enjoy our trip without it feeling too short.

Step 6: Research Your Destination

Now that you know where you’re going and for how long, dive into research. Look into flight costs, accommodation options, internal transportation, activities, and local weather. Websites like Skyscanner for flights, Airbnb for unique stays, and TripAdvisor for local eats and activities are excellent resources.

What We Did: We researched internal flights for island hopping, the best times to visit, and accommodations that fit our budget and preferences.

Step 7: Set a Budget

Discuss and set a honeymoon budget. While weddings can be costly, don’t forget to allocate funds for your honeymoon. Spending quality time together on this trip is crucial for starting your marriage on a strong note.

What We Did: We budgeted around $10K AUD for three weeks in Greece, splurging on a cave house in Santorini and opting for budget accommodations for the rest of our stay.

Step 8: Create a Draft Itinerary

Create a draft itinerary including flight details, accommodations, transport, activities, and a budget breakdown. This helps organize your trip and ensures you don’t miss any important details.

What We Did: We used Microsoft Excel to draft our itinerary, keeping track of costs and important details along the way.

Step 9: Check Your Passport

Ensure your passport is up-to-date and has at least six months before expiry. If you’re planning to change your name, it’s simpler to travel under your maiden name for the honeymoon. Make sure your plane tickets match the name on your passport.

Step 10: Book Your Honeymoon in Advance

Book flights and key accommodations well in advance, especially if you’re visiting popular destinations. For instance, we booked our cave house in Santorini six months ahead due to high demand.

Step 11: Don’t Overbook Activities

While planning activities can be exciting, avoid overbooking. A honeymoon should be a time to relax and enjoy each other’s company without feeling rushed or exhausted. Choose a few must-do activities and leave room for spontaneity.

Step 12: Honeymoon = Bragging Rights!

Don’t be shy about sharing that you’re on your honeymoon. Many places offer complimentary treats, upgrades, or discounts to honeymooners.

What We Did: We enjoyed a complimentary dessert at the Sydney Qantas First Class International Lounge as a sweet start to our honeymoon.

Step 13: Surprise Your Spouse

Bring something special to surprise your spouse. A little extra romance can add magic to your honeymoon.

Step 14: Relax!

Planning can be overwhelming, but once you’re on your honeymoon, let go of the stress. Enjoy your time together, focus on each other, and don’t worry about what’s waiting for you back home.

Step 15: Enjoy!

Your honeymoon is a special time to celebrate your love and the start of your married life. Make the most of it, cherish every moment, and create unforgettable memories together.

Over to You!

Have you planned your honeymoon? Where are you headed? Or have you been on your honeymoon and have tips to share? Leave a comment below!

P.S. I appreciate feedback on my blog, so if you found this post helpful, please leave a comment and share it with someone who might need honeymoon planning guidance!

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